Oracle Database 12c: SQL and PL/SQL New Features Ed 1 (ToD) On Demand

This is an original ORACLE Training on Demand online product.


The Oracle Database 12c: SQL and PL/SQL New Features training introduces you to the new features available inOracle Database 12c. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you explore the latest features available in SQLlanguage and feature enhancements in PL/SQL, data types, language performance and data warehousing.Learn To:

  • Understand the FETCH clause to limit the rows returned by a SQL query.
  • Take advantage of the invisible and hidden columns.
  • Make use of the IDENTITY column to automatically generate the number column.
  • Utilize the ACCESSIBLE BY clause to create a white list of PL/SQL units.
  • Grant roles to PL/SQL packages and standalone stored procedures.
  • Understand Synchronous Materialized Views.
  • Identify ways to improve query performance against OLAP cubes.
  • When you walk away from this course, you will have gained a better understanding of the data warehousing newfeatures available in Oracle Database 12c. This includes maintaining multiple partitions and SQL for pattern matching.


  • Application Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • Project Manager
  • System Analysts


Knowledge of Oracle Database, Structured Query Language(SQL), Basic programming concepts such as IF-THENstatements, loops, procedures, and functions.

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